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“Look at it another way. We’re here. We’re nice guys. We’re doing O.K. But we know that in X number of years, we won’t be here, and between now and then something unpleasant is gonna happen, or at least potentially unpleasant and scary. And when we turn to try and understand that, I don’t really think the humanist verities are quite enough. Because that would be crazy if they were. It would be so weird if we knew just as much as we needed to know to answer all the questions of the universe. Wouldn’t that be freaky? Whereas the probability is high that there is a vast reality that we have no way to perceive, that’s actually bearing down on us now and influencing everything. The idea of saying, ‘Well, we can’t see it, therefore we don’t need to see it,’ seems really weird to me.”

George Saunders, “George Saunders Has Written the Best Book You’ll Read This Year”

Managing Your Digital Life

The more we trust our lives to digital technologies, the more we need to be conscious about how we’re managing all our accumulated digital stuff.

As my wife and co-workers know, I am already ridiculously obsessive about backup, data portability and futureproofing. But I’m always looking for a new ideas and best practices…so I’m pretty stoked about a new blog (and podcast?) from Andy Ihnatko and Scott Bourne: (Managing Your Digital Life). Ok, I’m stoked about the blog, the podcast, and Andy I. Not so much The Scott.

If you’re as big a nerd as me, I suggest you check it out.

(Disclosure: by linking to their blog I’m entering myself to win a new Drobo. That’s how I roll: shameless.)

Prettify yer beige

I used to spend a lot of time customizing the appearance of my Mac. Tweaking desktops, icons, themes, everything. Now that I’m all grown up, I spend my time customizing the functionality of my Mac. It’s beautiful enough on its own.

But every once in awhile I still get the bug to inject a little more visual personality. From now on, I’m going to turn to Prettify. They’re doing a nice job picking out the best stuff from around the web.

Prettify — Nice icons and wallpapers.

Basking in Fabulosity

Colleen Wainwright (aka the Communicatrix) is rocking the Internet these days. Or maybe she’s always rocked the Internet and I just figured it out. At any rate, she’s on one of her patented “21 Day Salutes,” which you should definitely check out if you have any interest in changing something about yourself in the new year. And, of course, you do. So go.

And I absolutely love her newsletter, which you should also sign up for. It will make you smile and it will make you think, which is ultimately, in my opinion, the entire purpose of the Internet.

But my point is that I think Colleen is a shining example of someone just Taking Control of Her Shit and Living Full Volume Online.

So rather than trying to give you an exegesis on how wonderful her online work is, please just go check out her site, and dig deeply (there’s a lot there). She’s also on the twitter.

And maybe, just maybe, some of Colleen’s Fabulosity will rub off and inspire you to rock the Internet too. It’s working for me.