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Easily open Safari tabs in 1Password for iOS using custom URL schemes

I’m not sure if it’s new to the application, but it’s new to me: a custom URL scheme in 1Password for iOS 4.1 that allows you to send any web page in Safari directly to the excellent browser within 1Password. So smart.

It’s easy: say you’re on a page in Safari that requires a login—and of course you’re using 1Password (or something like it) to assign unique and strong passwords for every site you belong to.

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot a

Just touch up in the URL bar, and make your way to the very front of the URL (where it starts http:// or https://). Simply add op to the beginning. Press Go. You may have to confirm that you want to switch to 1Password. Press Open.

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot b

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot c

Unlock 1Password when it opens, and you’ll be presented with the page in its built-in browser. Press the login key and select your desired credentials.

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot d

iPhone 4-Inch Screenshot e






Why not? Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer.


This report describes my successful project to build a working reproduction of the 1964 prototype for the Block I Apollo Guidance Computer. The AGC is the flight computer for the Apollo moon landings, with one unit in the command module and one in the LEM.

I built it in my basement. It took me 4 years.

If you like, you can build one too. It will take you less time, and yours will be better than mine.

(via Stephen Hackett)

Publishing’s suicide

Jesse Kornbluth from PW:

Book publishing has been trying to commit suicide for all the decades I’ve been writing, and now it’s finally getting some traction on that project. Its latest folly is ironic: one of our most antitechnology businesses now places unrealistic hopes on technology as a savior, a textbook case of an American industry’s unwillingness to make significant changes until one minute before doomsday. I don’t expect more from publishing than stabs of experimentation until business gets much, much worse.

Interesting (failed?) experiment in microserialization

From Galleycat:

Earlier this week, the literary journal Electric Literature launched a “microserialization” experiment by publishing a new story by Rick Moody(pictured) on Twitter–co-publishing the story on other Twitter feeds, including the Vroman’s Books feed. Jacket Copy summarized the frustration that some Twitter users felt with the simultaneous delivery: “In the past, having bookstores, bloggers and other magazines simultaneously pass out a short story would widen the circulation. Today, many of those people are in overlapping social networking circles, and the result is repetition rather than reach.”

Two Years

Two years ago today, this happened. And I don’t mean my son’s tooth coming in; of course, I mean that I first tweeted.

What a weird two years.

As I’ve become increasingly engaged with some kind of Twitter community, I’ve encountered: love, anger, births, deaths, proposals, breakups, people gone missing, people found. Warmth, filth, and everything in between. Competitiveness and apathy.

Most of all, I’ve found laughter.

Wait, what? Those things aren’t weird at all. They’re what life is made of, online or off. Turns out we aren’t really living all that differently because of Twitter, we’re just doing it cracked open for everyone to see.

All the better to let through a little of that interior light we keep so hidden.

Managing Your Digital Life

The more we trust our lives to digital technologies, the more we need to be conscious about how we’re managing all our accumulated digital stuff.

As my wife and co-workers know, I am already ridiculously obsessive about backup, data portability and futureproofing. But I’m always looking for a new ideas and best practices…so I’m pretty stoked about a new blog (and podcast?) from Andy Ihnatko and Scott Bourne: (Managing Your Digital Life). Ok, I’m stoked about the blog, the podcast, and Andy I. Not so much The Scott.

If you’re as big a nerd as me, I suggest you check it out.

(Disclosure: by linking to their blog I’m entering myself to win a new Drobo. That’s how I roll: shameless.)