Easily open Safari tabs in 1Password for iOS using custom URL schemes

I’m not sure if it’s new to the application, but it’s new to me: a custom URL scheme in 1Password for iOS 4.1 that allows you to send any web page in Safari directly to the excellent browser within 1Password. So smart.

It’s easy: say you’re on a page in Safari that requires a login—and of course you’re using 1Password (or something like it) to assign unique and strong passwords for every site you belong to.

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot a

Just touch up in the URL bar, and make your way to the very front of the URL (where it starts http:// or https://). Simply add op to the beginning. Press Go. You may have to confirm that you want to switch to 1Password. Press Open.

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot b

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot c

Unlock 1Password when it opens, and you’ll be presented with the page in its built-in browser. Press the login key and select your desired credentials.

IPhone 4 Inch Screenshot d

iPhone 4-Inch Screenshot e