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Two Years

Two years ago today, this happened. And I don’t mean my son’s tooth coming in; of course, I mean that I first tweeted.

What a weird two years.

As I’ve become increasingly engaged with some kind of Twitter community, I’ve encountered: love, anger, births, deaths, proposals, breakups, people gone missing, people found. Warmth, filth, and everything in between. Competitiveness and apathy.

Most of all, I’ve found laughter.

Wait, what? Those things aren’t weird at all. They’re what life is made of, online or off. Turns out we aren’t really living all that differently because of Twitter, we’re just doing it cracked open for everyone to see.

All the better to let through a little of that interior light we keep so hidden.

Multiples of 7

In the event you’ve been hiding from Twitter for the past week, you may have missed that many of your friends have revealed up-to-and-including seven things about themselves. The lovely and talented @TBMimsTheThird has compiled them here. Go.

If you have a Twitter nemesis, you no longer have an excuse for not capitalizing on your deepest secrets and weaknesses.

(and no I haven’t done a list of 7 things BECAUSE NOBODY TAGGED ME. Boo-hoo.)

Media predictions for 2009

We don’t really need experts to tell us that the media landscape is changing, do we?

Just the same, I found these two articles interesting, both as a participant in the media industry and as an observer of how the interwebs are reformatting notions of normalcy.